About me

profile imageI am a digital impact consultant working with frontline charities, infrastructure organisations and other nonprofits.

I help organisations maximise their digital content and improve their processes.

Let’s work together

Here are a few of the ways I could help you improve your digital communications:

  • developing content, digital or comms strategies including surveys and research and analysis of internal culture and processes
  • auditing and benchmarking digital communications against peers / competitors (specialising in analysing fundraising content and producing surveys)
  • reviewing and building processes and systems for producing and managing quality content
  • bespoke training on writing for the web, social media, digital comms
  • mentoring for people new to digital communications
  • developing house style guidelines and frameworks.

Please get in touch for a chat and to discuss how we could work together.

Get in touch

Follow me on Twitter (@madlinsudn).
Connect with me on LinkedIn or email me at madlinsudn@gmail.com


I work with organisations of all sizes. I worked with Crisis on their new website. Previous clients have included NCVO, The Point of Care Foundation, Fight Bladder Cancer, Association of Chairs, Epilepsy Society and British Society for Haematology. I manage the twitter account and blog for Zurich Insurance (previously Tennyson Insurance) aimed at small charities.

Previously I worked at RNIB as Senior Web Editor and as Content Manager at KnowHow NonProfit.

Recent articles

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