Interesting times for digital comms

How we communicate online is changing and changing fast. The use of smartphones and tablets is greatly increasing year-on-year meaning we can now connect to anything from pretty much anywhere.

This presents new and interesting challenges for charities. Comms budgets are being cut yet we have to respond to these new demands so we don’t get left behind. We have to be on duty 24-7. Our sites have to be optimised for mobile. We have to communicate across multiple channels and do it in a relevant, engaging and persuasive way. All this needs new skills and the freedom to take risks and make mistakes, not easy with a small (or non-existent) team and 101 other things to do.

This blog is intended as food for thought. I hope to celebrate the good stuff out there, benchmark good practice and share top tips.

These are exciting times, full of opportunities to connect in ways never possible before. Let’s see where we go next!