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I write about the UK charity sector, sharing examples and thoughts about digital comms and delivery. Charity people don’t have time to look round the charity web so can miss trends and best practice. Keep up here instead. Subscribe to my blog to get updates direct to your inbox.

Here are some of the themes I write about and links to some of the most popular posts.


Managing and sourcing images is a big challenge for charities. Social media posts rely on eye-catching pictures. Web pages need images to bring content to life. But some topics can be hard to illustrate. Internal politics or processes mean you are stuck with no images or dull ones. Start with these posts for some tips and examples:

Social and topical content

I love great charity content, whether joining in spontaneously with an awareness day or as part of a planned campaign. Knowing your audience, tone of voice and what will be persuasive, is key.

Excellent digital content

From digital legacy fundraising and ‘about us’ pages to 404 error messages, I also write about particular content areas.

Content strategy

Does your organisation have a content strategy? This can be anything from a deeply researched strategy to an agreement about your organisation’s approach.

A strategy can help you decide whether to embrace different techniques such as:


I also share monthly round-up posts of good reads, great content and other useful things.

Here’s the latest one Digital round-up – March 2019. The highlights are innovation, charities doing great at digital, responsible tech, #GBCleanUp, The Samaritans new website, representation in images and comms.

And a selection of previous round-ups:


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